Casa Zmeilor

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Our experience

The Drăguș ski slope has worked optimally for the last 10 seasons, attracting and initiating thousands of children and winter sports enthusiasts.

There have been successfully organized ski courses, ski camps and other sports competitions assisted by collaborators and friends of our location: Educational institutions, Mountain Rescue, SKV and local town halls.

After the snow melts, Casa Zmeilor offers package services with tourist and recreational accommodation and dining activities to make it equally attractive in all seasons. 

Avem experiența să organizăm concerte, petreceri, mese organizate, tabere de elevi, team building-uri, botezuri și nunți exclusive pentru oaspeții noștri punândule la dispoziție întreaga capacitate de cazare și restaurant.


The geographical settlement, Țara Făgărașului, where our location is situated, is considered the second ethno-geographical area between Olt and the Făgăraș Mountains.

It is about 65 km long and 5-18 km wide, stretching from the Perșani Mountains in the east to Turnu Roșu in the west, the area being called Țara Făgărașului, due to the medieval fortress built in the town of Făgăraș and the Făgăraș Mountains that have stood guard for centuries.

The impression the area leaves is its strong geographical unity. From the mountains to the sea, it is criss-crossed by numerous valleys whose names are borrowed from the villages that lie in pairs, one upstream and one downstream.

It is precisely in this ancestral area that the "Casa Zmeilor / Drachen Haus" is located, a name inspired by Drachendorf (the village of the Zmeilor), the German version given to Draguș in the Josephine Map of Transylvania, 1769-1773, and the ski slope "Moțul Dragușului" after the geographical name of the area. 

The objective is addressed to people who love winter sports, mountain and nature hiking, traditional gastronomy, rustic combinations with worldly concepts to relax in a rustic setting, in harmony with the surrounding nature in the heart of the Făgăraș Mountains.